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How often does Eve create a new series?

Just about every 6 months. We have an open house party to celebrate each new series.
What is the best way to put on earrings that have both clip and post? First, put the post in, then you give the earrings a gentle push upwards before snapping the Omega clip into place, in order to grasp more of the lobe. This way, they sit higher and firmer on the lobe.

How do you determine the value of diamonds in inherited jewelry, and whether it's worth reselling or resetting into a new piece of jewelry?

First, a diamond's value is different depending on whether it is for:
1) Resale purposes. Here the value is always less, because a diamond dealer will not pay more to buy it from you than they pay to buy many diamonds at once from diamond cutters & miners.
2) Personal Insurance purposes. Here it needs to be at the full retail value. A formal valuation should come from a certified independent jewelry appraiser (we can recommend a good one), which means an expert who is not involved in the manufacture, purchase or sale of jewelry.

We can give an idea of the "ballpark retail value" which may help you determine if it is worth trying to sell them, or we can work with you to create a special and beautiful new piece of jewelry using your family heirloom diamonds. At Eve's we call these redesigns "Transformations" -- think of it as another form of recycling. It's good for the environment and fun for you! This is a very special way to be remembered in family history and lore. You will be creating a wonderful story to pass down to your children and your children's children along with that fabulous one-of-a-kind Eve piece!

There has been a lot of news concerning conflict free gem stones -- are any of your stones conflict free? Also do you sell loose stones?

We don't of course buy gems that come from Sierra Leone (mostly diamonds) -- in fact all the other diamond-producing countries got together, appalled, about 7 years ago, and agreed to a checking process that documents where the stones come from called the "Kimberley process". The war in Sierra Leone has been over for a few years, but it certainly was a terrible time, the time of the "conflict diamonds".

Things have changed a lot since those days: diamonds have been found in other parts of the world. Russia mines about 25%, so does Australia, (especially colored diamonds) and Canada will soon equal that figure! In Namibia, on the west coast of Africa, diamonds are found off-shore, dredged from the sand without mining. In fact, diamonds are occasionally found in Crater National Park in Arkansas, not enough to be commercially profitable, so that dig is open to the public, for a fee.

Yes, we sell loose stones -- and we've even mined our own sapphires in Montana!

How do I know which ring or bracelet is right for me?

That's interesting; rings and bracelets are items that the wearer can actually enjoy and see for themselves all the time! Our recommendation is that you select something that will entertain you while you are stuck in traffic, or in a boring meeting!

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