Much of the work we do here is custom work - a collaborative effort between Eve and her clients. Eve has a treasure trove of unset gemstones, pearls and other surprises to use in fulfilling almost any jewelry desires.

What if you happen to have a valuable but old-fashioned brooch inherited from a relative? An earring that's missing its twin? A diamond from an old relationship? There's no reason for jewelry to sit unworn and unloved. Transform it into something new! Bring in the pieces you want to makeover and meet with Eve in her gem room (you can even bring a friend!) Eve will start sketching design ideas, considering your lifestyle, tastes, and personality to create new jewelry that you will truly cherish.

Custom Designs and Transformations
Time for a change
Imagine this as a turtle!
Two pendants from one pin!
Transforming a bracelet.
Fabulous tripeche emerald replaces watch - just in time!

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